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Costa Rica Luxury Living

The finest selection of properties with exceptional style and luxury  

Over the years, Costa Rica Luxury Living has grown into a lifestyle brand around luxury properties, serving as a resource for clients from all over the world, and as an important referent of the local luxury real estate industry and the marketing of luxury properties in the country. Costa Rica Luxury Living leads the Luxury Real Estate industry in Costa Rica, focusing its efforts on delivering a best in class real estate end to end consulting, guiding its clients in their luxury living decisions of rental, selling or buying luxury properties and doing high end business in the country.

http://www.CostaRicaLuxury.com the best selection of luxury real estate for sale in Costa Rica.
http://www.CostaRicaMillionDollarHomes.com offers the most exclusive selection of million dollar homes for sale in Costa Rica.

Maximum care and confidentiality in the handling of the information of our clients.  The company offers expert advice and support throughout all stages of buying and selling a property in Costa Rica. With personal commitment to clients and delivery of quality service, the Company assists clients throughout the process of selling their luxury homes or finding the right luxury property in Costa Rica. Its solid reputation is based on integrity, energy, attention to detail and strong negotiation skills, earned after many years of selling property in the upscale market.

Pioneers in the professional development of the luxury real estate industry of Costa Rica, with over 20 years of expertise in the real estate market of Costa Rica and more than 35 years of experience dealing with foreign clients from all over the world, Costa Rica Luxury Estates is committed to delivering results, combining integrity and dedication with experience and expertise.

Yalile Alpizar is the President, Broker/Owner of the Company.  She started her real estate career over in 1990, after working 12 years in international organizations. She is an expert in many fields, including public relations, management, marketing and high end real estate. She is the pioneer luxury real estate expert of Costa Rica, exclusively dedicated to the upper-tier market.

Costa Rica has been able to successfully leap into new, high-tech markets thanks, in large part, to her efforts.  “In 1997 my company closed a multi-million-dollar deal, selling a 123-acre farm near the International Airport to INTEL Corporation to install their Latin American Regional operations,” Alpizar said. “This single transaction changed the future of the whole country. It grabbed the eyes of foreign investors and helped them see Costa Rica with a different vision.”

Suddenly Costa Rica’s typically agricultural economy began to change into an economy oriented to cutting-edge technology and tourism. As the country began to flex its new economic muscles Alpizar saw an opportunity to improve the country’s luxury real estate industry and she has worked toward that goal from then to now.  By networking with the most recognized international luxury real estate experts, she has pioneered in putting the luxury real estate industry of Costa Rica at the highest level and has set an standard for maximum quality and professionalism in the marketing of luxury homes and million dollar homes.

As part of her experience with the most exclusive international luxury real estate networks, she served for several years as Regional Director of  Who is Who in Luxury Real Estate and as a member of the Board of Regents. “Brokers selected to serve on the Board of Regents provide leadership in their communities and the highest level of personal service and commitment to their clientele. ”

Andrea Guillén is Partner/Luxury Real Estate Specialist at Costa Rica Luxury Living. After graduating from high school, Andrea expanded her English language knowledge attending the Extension School at Harvard University in Boston, Massachusetts, a period were she not only consolidated her knowledge of English, but allowed her to relate with many people from various parts of the world that all have in common living in the cosmopolitan city of Boston and the beautiful Cambridge. During her last years of high school and first years of college, Andrea became Yalile´s part-time assistant and began to develop understanding in the world of real estate, from taking pictures of a property, making descriptions, uploading properties in websites and most importantly, started to learn the real estate business. In early 2006 she graduated from the career of Environmental Health at the University of Costa Rica, allowing her to earn experience in fields such as urban development, housing needs, urban infrastructure, health services, workers health studies, environmental impact studies, among others. Since 2003, Andrea followed the footsteps of her mother and took the step of moving from being an assistant to a luxury real estate specialist and today is a partner of this boutique company, always seeking for continuous improvement, efficiency in communication, commitment to the presentation of properties, seriousness in managing information and delivering the best quality service. Like Yalile, Andrea is a multifaceted woman, married, with a home, mother of a girl and a little boy, always looking for opportunities for personal growth, older sister of 5, loves cooking, beach life, family enjoyment and she is also also a hardworking woman.

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