Costa Rica is Number One in the World in Attracting Foreign Investment, relative to its economy size

According to an analysis by fDi Intelligence Costa Rica is “attracting 11 times the amount of greenfield FDI that might be expected given the size of its economy,” placing Costa Rica atop the global rankings. Lithuania and the UAE rounded out the top three. 

Costa Rica is Number One in this year’s annual Greenfield Performance Index with a score of 11.4. Performing ahead of the runners-up, Lithuania with 8.3 and the UAE with 7.1.

“The resilience that Costa Rica has shown during the Covid-19 pandemic has secured it the top ranking as the world’s best performing location relative to its size, when it comes to attracting foreign direct investment (FDI). ” says Megan McGarrity in a special news report dated August 16, 2021.

Read full article here:

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