Taking luxury to new heights

Exotic Luxury Destinations and Developments of Costa Rica

Costa Rica has become a unique and exotic destination for luxury real estate development.  The Pacific and Atlantic oceans running along our East and West borders, from one frontier to the other; endless unspoiled beaches, and the tropical rainforest embracing the sands of the sea, the perfect mixture to combine the ingredients of a lifestyle of peace and tranquility, away from the city noise and traffic jams.  

The new high end development taking place in Dominical believes that every great place has a soul of its own.  They build luxury homes and mansions in harmony with the existing environment, providing also a positive impact in the community.   The developers believe in a design and development philosophy that is fundamentally anchored in the integration of culture, environment and community.  After exploring the Latin American region, they discovered what they describe as “the purity of the Costa Rica experience” and decided that Dominical is where they would leave their legacy, establishing a development group to share the treasure they had found, with others. 

As examples of this legacy, nestled on the peak of the Sierra Costera mountain range, the contemporary mansion is an exclusively luxurious retreat unlike any other. With gently cascading slopes on every side, the panoramic views from this expansive enclave encompasses tropical valleys and distant waterfalls, the endless Pacific, and stretch down along the spectacular golden sands of the Costa Rican coastline.  Within the same gated compound, the house of infinity views inspires the heart and soul at every glance.  Contemporary, open and transparent, the house complements its surroundings with a design that allows you to open the house and invite the incredible views into the living spaces through panorama sliding window walls.

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