Living in Playa Roble, a Life Experience described by the owners of Villa Amore

“When we first came to Costa Rica eleven years ago, we encountered a spectacular environment where the flora and fauna were unsurpassed in their beauty and diversity. Although our initial trip to Costa Rica was for a short vacation, as we spent our time there, we realized that this was the place we had to be.

The first site of the expanse of Carrillo Beach with its white sand, and the proximity of the quaint village prompted us to look for a potential building site that would afford us the closeness of the beach and the village, and simultaneously provide a commanding view of the Pacific Ocean in a tropical setting. The howler monkeys amuse us daily with interesting behaviors and antics. And the humpback whales, which we can observe from our deck, are nothing short of spectacular.

When we researched the amenities and the infrastructure of the country, we found Costa Rica to be the most stable politically of all the Central American countries, secured by the USA. Costa Rica forfeited its military budget and dedicated its resources to fund education and medicine.

The people of Costa Rica are extremely friendly and consider tourism and foreign investment as a mainstay of their economy.

Our Villas Playa el Roble development includes many luxurious homes. Fiber optics communications have been made available. And, more importantly, we have an abundant supply of clean fresh water which is monitored by the government.

Due to personal reasons, we are saddened to leave our beautiful Villa Amore in this tropical paradise.”

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