Residencial La Hacienda in Rio Oro, Santa Ana

Residencial La Hacienda is located in the Rio Oro District in Santa Ana, from the Red Cross 200 m west, 100 m north and 75 m west.  The project was on an almost completely flat terrain of approximately 23 hectares. This residential is made up of 119 lots within a gated community, with a single guarded entrance, two tennis courts, clubhouse with two pools, multi-purpose room, Jacuzzi, social area, gym, spa, yoga room, dressing rooms, children’s playground, multi-purpose recreational area, two lakes and extensive green areas.

La Hacienda is inspired by rural architecture, blending with its immediate surroundings and is a tribute to the people of Santa Ana. Paving stone is used in all streets and slabstone is used at the intersections, creating changes of texture. Water is an element of great importance to the project and fountains and lakes are found along its main streets. The importance of green areas is evident from the very entrance to the project and these are scattered throughout its 23 hectares.  A 25% of the terrain was set aside for parks and green areas.

The access was conceived based on the concept of a small town or village, where the paved main square in the midst of a series of small administrative buildings (administrative offices, surveillance, maintenance, equipment) serves to filter visitors.  Fountains in the shape of drinking troughs and large earthenware sugar mill jars set the user in a rural context.

The Clubhouse has the characteristics of a restful space: the entire concept is based on a rustic hacienda but with excellent finishes that bring to mind the tranquil and relaxed life of the rural haciendas.  Therefore, the materials used are rustic (not colonial), tiled roofs, stucco, sandstone for external elements and smooth walls, stone, wood and ceramic floors and details in wood for inside areas.  The design is clean and not excessive. There is close interaction between the inside and outside areas, which is achieved through composition and visual elements.  The Clubhouse is located in the middle of the Residential Community surrounded by nature and all spaces open towards it.  Idiosyncratic aspects such as the corridor, inside patio and adobe walls have been incorporated.  The Clubhouse experience offers a feeling of privacy. 

The fountains and water mirrors have been strategically located to have a cooling effect when in contact with them.  The Clubhouse has been divided into two areas connected by means of a corridor bordering the water mirror in the central patio.  On one side is the social area with a multi-purpose room and spacious terrace in front of the main pool.  And on the other, is the spa area with a gym, sauna, yoga room and two treatment rooms that float on a water mirror surrounded by vegetation for additional privacy.  

Some of the most luxurious and modern architectural homes of Costa Rica can be found at La Hacienda, a lifestyle for highly sophisticated families. Here, a few examples:

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