Experiential luxury living, a definition of today`s luxury home

Luxury is only a word… until it brings the experience of a change in lifestyle

In today´s luxury home, architecture, nature and art blend together to redefine luxury, with homes that not only have quality and elegance, but exclusivity, craftsmanship, uniqueness, state-of-the-art design and amenitiesin total connection with nature, all in one package tailored to the needs and desires of a very sophisticated clientele. 

Architectural luxury homes of this nature must offer utmost privacy and exclusivity. These are homes where time runs at a different speed and nature is blended in, as the most important part of the experience. They are relaxing and private, in perfect balance with nature.

Beyond fine crystal chandeliers, polished marble floors and granite, a new trend has emerged for high end buyers looking for a dimension of luxury defined by a change in lifestyle, where nature also takes its place, as part of the needs and desires of the high end buyer, creating extraordinary living experiences. 

As stated in the last Haute Residence Summit in Miami, the high end luxury market is not a buyers´or sellers’ market anymore, it has turned into a market of opportunity, where buyers normally search for properties to meet certain standards of a lifestyle, and budget limitations are not the number one criteria.  

costaricaluxury.com represents some of the most unique architectural homes for sale in Costa Rica. A country where peace and social stability are a treasure. Many families from all over the world move to Costa Rica for a change in lifestyle, better weather conditions all year round, and the fact that this small country of Latin America holds the largest biodiversity of the world in its tiny 51,100 Km2 of extension.

Written and published November 21, 2018
By Yalile Alpizar, Broker/Owner of www.costaricaluxury.com

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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