Buying luxury homes and million dollar homes in Costa Rica


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Buying luxury homes and million dollar homes in Costa Rica

With a large inventory of luxury homes and million dollar homes for sale in Costa Rica, the time to buy luxury properties in Costa Rica has become a challenge.  Many buyers have waited for years for the right time to buy, and it seems that 2016 is the year for completing the task.

In order to be able to find the right property for your luxury real estate inventory, buyers have to get a little creative, because there is no standard MLS system in Costa Rica. The task for finding luxury homes in Costa Rica involves investing hours and hours, days and weeks in the internet, jumping from one website to the other, which at the end, it turns into a cumbersome task that might bring a lot of disappointment and confusion.

The best way to find the right luxury homes and million dollar homes in Costa Rica is by contacting a luxury real estate expert to take care of your property search.  A luxury real estate expert will represent your needs and advice the buyer in the right direction, they will deal with all other local real estate companies and their listings, they will know the market and the different regions of the country in which it is best to invest according to your needs and budget.

The criteria for the property search must include the preferred locations, budget range in which you want to keep your investment, and any specific characteristics that the property must have.  Leaving out even one of your specific characteristics might discard the property that you are looking for.  Our advice is that you take time to prepare this list and include everything the property must have, things that the property could have but are not a must, and things that you don’t want the property to have.

The luxury real estate market in Costa Rica is very wide, from the classic Mediterranean style to the ultra-contemporary and smart home, to eco luxury and tropical architectural homes.  Costa Rica has some of the best architectural and engineering firms of the region.  Contact luxury real estate experts Yalile Alpizar or Andrea Guillen from and www.costaricamilliondollahomes to find more about buying luxury homes and million dollar homes in Costa Rica.

Written by:  Yalile Alpizar – January 2016


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