4471 – Family Compound Mountain Homes in Heredia

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Sale Price: $3,300,000

• Location: San Rafael, Heredia
• Construction area: Over 1,300 m2 in total construction area
• Lot size: 20,000 m2
• Beds: Main house 4 – Guest house 3 – Caretakers houses 3 in each house
• Baths: 4.5 in main house – 3.5 in guest house and 1 in each caretaker´s house
• Pool: No.
• Parking area: 10 plus cars – Garage for 2
• Professional size tennis court
• Floors: 2
• Year Built:
• Condo fees: no
• Category: Gated community and single family homes, mountain homes, villas and ranches


A magnificent property in the middle of the forest. Fresh air and tranquility are the most important assets of this family compound of two main houses, a guest house and a caretaker´s house. Located on the hills of Heredia, just minutes from El Castillo Country Club and 15 minutes to downtown Heredia and all of its first class services. Multiple access roads to Alajuela and San José, and a few minutes from the international airport Juan Santamaría.

Ideal property for a family compound and tennis lovers. Also as an investment, the new owner can later on rent or sell two properties and just keep the main house with the tennis court.

The main house has a total of 727 m2 underroof of which 577 m2 are on the first floor and 150 m2 on the second floor. The master bedroom is on the first floor. A 150 m2 tennis court is also part of the construction area. The one story guest house has a total of 260 m2 of construction.
The property is complemented with two very well built caretaker´s houses.

The main house is on a lot of 15,000 m2. The 15,000 m2 include a lot of 5,000 m2 which has a nice road frontage and could serve to build another main house completely independent from the other houses. The main house also includes a professional size tennis court and property is helicopter accessible.

The guest house is also on an independent lot of 5,000 m2. Both houses share the property as a whole but have independent entrances from the main road.

The two guard houses have three bedrooms and independent parking areas.

The layout of the main house is the following:

Down stairs: 577 m2 including ample living room with fireplace, family room with fire place, ample kitchen with family dining area, bar area, private formal dining room with tower with beamed ceilings. The social areas open to the terraces. Fine woods and stone finishes combine to give warm and quality to this home.

Up stairs: 150 m2 including three bedrooms each one with a bathroom and a large family room with pool table.
Double garage 40m2
2 fire places
Porch 32 m2
Terrace semi open 38 m2
Terrace enclosed 26m2
Terrace open 163m2

Both homes have their own entrance with electric gate.

Small house : 260m2
Two living rooms, dining room area, ample kitchen
Three bedrooms including the master
1 fire place
Double garage 38m2
Terrace enclosed 67 m2
Terrace open 61 m2

The whole property has water drainage and water cleaning system. It also comes with dog kennel, Water well, Kohler generator to feed all 4 homes and AT&T phone central, subterranean drains, extern fishbowl, vivarium, electric plant for the 4 houses, 2 water tanks and heating and AC systems.

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Una magnífica propiedad en el medio del bosque. El aire fresco y la tranquilidad son los activos más importantes de este complejo familiar de dos casas principales, una casa de huéspedes y dos casas para personal de servicio. Situada en las colinas de Heredia, a pocos minutos de El Castillo Country Club y 15 minutos del centro de Heredia y todos sus servicios de primera clase. La propiedad tiene múltiples accesos hacia Alajuela y San José, y a unos minutos de distancia del aeropuerto internacional Juan Santamaría.

La casa principal tiene un total de 727 m2 bajo techo, de los cuales 577 m2 están en el primer piso y 150 m2 en el segundo piso. El dormitorio principal está en el primer piso. La propiedad tiene una cancha de tenis de tamaño profesional de 150. El segundo piso cuenta con un total de 260 m2 de construcción.

La propiedad se complementa con dos casas para el personal de servicio, muy bien construidas.

La casa principal está en un terreno de 15.000 m2. Los 15.000 m2 incluyen un lote de 5,000 m2 con frente a calle y que podría servir para construir otra casa principal totalmente independiente de las otras casas. La casa principal también incluye una pista de tenis profesional y la propiedad es accesible por helicóptero.

Las dos casas comparten la propiedad como un todo, pero tienen entradas independientes desde la carretera principal.

Los dos casas de los trabajadores tienen tres dormitorios y áreas de estacionamiento independientes.
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